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EST. 2020

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57 Chestnut Street, 
Norwalk, CT 06854

WED: 4PM – 10PM

THU: 4PM – 10PM

FRI: 2PM – 10PM
SAT: 12PM – 10PM
SUN: 12PM – 8PM





From esteemed Head Brewer Roger Krackow, Spacecat's beer is a reflection of tradition, passion, and unchecked creativity. We are proud to always put product first.  Check below for our current menu!


Spacecat found our 4800 sqft home in the historic J. & J. Cash textiles mill in South Norwalk. Located just a 1/4 mile south of the South Norwalk train station (50 minutes from the heart of NYC!) and 1/2 mile south of Washington Street


Pull up a seat and enjoy a cold beer in our 1700 sqft taproom featuring seamless wrap-around views into our state of the art, 3000 sqft manufacturing space. The most immersive brewery experience in CT!


NEIPA  |  6.6% ABV

8oz $5.5 | 16oz $8 | 32oz Crowler to-go $14

Not only is Orion one of the most recognizable constellations in the night sky, it’s also the name of the orange cat in the legendary cinematic masterpiece: Men In Black. Orion is our single New England IPA featuring Strata, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops. A vibrant tropical mix of mango, passionfruit, and guava.

Spacecat Schwarzbier

Dark Lager  |  5.6% ABV

8oz $4.5 | 16oz $7 | 32oz Crowler to-go $12

A crushable German style dark lager with upfront notes of chocolate and coffee and a clean finish. A must try winter beer.


Session IPA  |  4.9% ABV

8oz $5 | 16oz $7.5 | 32oz Crowler to-go $13

An effortless IPA, easily drinkable ‘round the dial from sun up ‘til sun down. Zesty citrus aromatics burst from the Galaxy, Comet, and Idaho 7 hops, built on a base of oats, American 2 row, and honey malts.

Vienna Lager

Austrian Style Lager  |  5.5% ABV

8oz $5 | 16oz $7.5 | 32oz Crowler to-go $13

The brewers at Spacecat have been working tirelessly night and day digging through historical archives to discover exactly what beer Mozart drank in Vienna while composing music. This is a recreation of the exact recipe. Toasted bread and hints of caramel sweetness give way to a classic, crisp finish. With each sip let the genius flow through you. 

Disclaimer: Spacecat cannot guarantee historical accuracy or your genius.

The Tree Cat

West Coast IPA  |  7.3% ABV

8oz $5 | 16oz $7.5 | 32oz Crowler to-go $13

This kitty didn’t make it to space but did get stuck in a pine tree! The Tree Cat is a nod to traditional West Coast IPAs of the past. A sweet honey malt backbone lays the foundation for the essence of tangerine, lemon and lime aromatics. Resinous with an aggressively bitter profile all the way through.

Double IPA  |  7.3% ABV

8oz $6 | 16oz $8.5 |  32oz Crowler to-go $15

Not your childhood juice-box. This lush, full bodied Double IPA features intense aromas of passion fruit, pineapple, and strawberry courtesy of Amarillo, Idaho 7 and Citra hops, double dosed for maximum effect. Felix recommends you drink a Felix. *contains lactose

Sunswept Blonde
American Blonde Ale  |  5.2% ABV

8oz $4.5 | 16oz $7 | 32oz Crowler to-go $12

A crisp, golden hued ale, lightly carbonated with notes of sweet honey, bright lemon, and a crusty sourdough finish. You’re sure to have a delicious time with our Sunswept Blonde.

Clair de Luna
Vanilla Milk Stout  |  6.4% ABV

8oz $6 | 17oz + Spacecat Glass $17 |  32oz Crowler to-go $15

Roasted coffee and creamy notes of vanilla beans are in harmony with a nose of dark plums and sticky molasses. Rich caramel and a coda of luxurious Belgian chocolate round out the finish. A complex composition yet it retains the elegance and timelessness of a traditional stout form. *contains lactose

Harvest Moon
Marzen  |  6.1% ABV

8oz $5 | 16oz $7.5 | 32oz Crowler to-go $13

Brewed specifically for Oktoberfest, Harvest Moon is malt-driven with autumnal notes of sweet honey & warm biscuits. The body is light with a tender bite of bitterness.

Fruited Gose  |  5.6% ABV

8oz $5.5 | 16oz $8 | 32oz Crowler to-go $14

Let us introduce you to our second kettle-soured ale, this time fermented with fresh limes and raspberries. Tart lime takes center stage, supported by sweet raspberry jam underpinnings and a dry, malty finish.

Lion's Heart

Double Dry Hopped NEIPA  |  7.7% ABV

8oz $6 | 16oz $8.5 | 32oz Crowler to-go $15

Just like it’s namesake from the constellation Leo the Lion, our Lion’s Heart NEIPA shines bright with a luxurious, velvet mouthfeel. A marriage of Galaxy and Cashmere hops bring out fragrant notes of pineapple, sweet guava, and a medley of red berries.

Kalico Kölsch
Dry Hopped Kölsch  |  5.5% ABV

8oz $5 | 16oz $7.5 | 32oz Crowler to-go $13

Kölsch beers, a staple in Cologne, Germany, are known for their crispness and straw-yellow color. Ours has a nose of candied Meyer lemons and a clean, malty body that presents thoroughly from start to finish. In Germany, they call calico cats “Glückskatze" which translates to "lucky cat.” This Kalico may just be your golden ticket!

Cosmic Candy

Fruited Gose  |  5.6% ABV

8oz $5 | 16oz $7.5 | 32oz Crowler to-go $13

A kettle-soured ale fermented with orange, peach, mango and a delicate touch of sea salt. Not as sour as your traditional gose, we kept ours sweet, semi-tart and robust with fruit. A more adult candy to unwrap.

Yule Cat

Bière De Noel  |  7.0% ABV

8oz $5 | 16oz $7.5 | 32oz Crowler to-go $13

In Icelandic folklore, the Jólakötturinn translates to Yule Cat, a terrifyingly gigantic feline beast that wanders from house to house on Christmas Eve to see if children have been well behaved for the holidays. The Yule cat thirsts for the blood of naughty children, reflected by the deep red color of this amber ale. This beer is both naughty and nice: a spicy peppercorn base from the Aramis Hops is juxtaposed by a sweet perfume of purple plums, tender figs, and honeysuckle.




Now Available!

We're proud to bring craft beer back to South Norwalk. Grab some beer to-go from our Chestnut Street location to enjoy with friends and family.

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